The nation's leading provider of sensitivity and harassment prevention training since 1998.

DB Pargman Consulting, LLC

Specializing in One on One Executive Sensitivity Coaching

Diversity and Harassment-Prevention Training for executives, managers, top performers, and other highly-valued employees

“DB Pargman’s One-on-One Executive Sensitivity Coaching delivers the best response when a harassment or diversity issue involves a leader or key person in your organization.”

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Sensitivity Training Program

We will clean your desk and your mind of distracting and costly issues in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner possible. Simply check the box below and we will help you take prompt corrective action and get your Key Person back to work.

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one on one sensitivity training

By selecting Deena Pargman’s One-on-One Executive Sensitivity Coaching you will:

Take appropriate legal steps
  • Demonstrate a “Prompt Corrective Action” taken in response to a complaint
  • Build a defense against future legal complaints
Retain and support your highly valued Key Person
  • Help Key Person regain their focus and get back to work
  • Enhance Key Person's skills for more productive work life
  • Demonstrates your commitment to their success
Respect the needs of your highly valued Key Person
  • Discreetly delivered at our facility in Atlanta or one of your choosing
  • Designed for the preferences and personalities of executives and other Key People
Protect company assets now and in the future
  • Help to minimize legal and lost productivity costs
  • Provide a focused solution, rather than broader-based training
We guarantee your complete satisfaction
  • Participant will thank you for investing in their future
  • Their behavior will demonstrate enhanced knowledge and skills
  • Unlimited follow-up phone consultation
Quick and easy for you to implement
  • Requires coordination of ONE person’s schedule
  • We handle all other logistics

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